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Wild Coffee Conservation and PFM Project (WCC-PFM)


Welcome to the homepage of the Wild Coffee Conservation and PFM Project (WCC-PFM).

This project operates in Sheko, North Bench and Guraferda Districts of Bench-Maji zone and Yeki Districts of Sheka Zone in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State (SNNPRS) (see map). Within these districts the project works with 55 communities who live in or near to the forests which dominate this area.

Woredas of Wild Coffee Conservation by Participatory Forest Management Project 2015

Tariku Mengesha, from Amora Gedel Wild Forest Product Marketing Co-operative, harvests ripe wild coffee cherries.

Spreading ripe coffee cherries harvested from the forest in the distance.

Roasting the coffee beans.

Pounding roasted coffee beans ready for brewing coffee.